Sep 09

Tour Europe sites via Flickr composite 3D

Amateur tourist photos put together give 3D tour of Europe sites. Check it out!



Aug 09

Movie Review: The Apartment

As some people know, my DVD collection has gotten out of hand.  Be glad to hear that my purchasing obsession ended a while ago, with the advent of HD.  It would be unacceptable to buy such a lowly quality movie when there is the pristine beauty of Blu-ray!  ;-) Yet, I have no HDTV, and therefore no need for HD movies….  So I still rent DVD’s from Netflix.

I’ve been copying my DVD collection to a hard drive for more convenient viewing.  Today I found “The Apartment” with Jack Lemmon laying around.  I don’t know what it was, but I got sucked in and watched the whole thing!  I had never watched it before and was blown away at how awesome the movie was!  I was completely enthralled in the character and story.  Now, the plot is about the darker side of humanity, and really surprised me that a movie from 1960 had such blatant topics that I would have thought sensitive topics for a movie of that time.  But then again, I’ve been realizing, the more I watch older movies, that stories have always been pretty risque.  Maybe it is because I am now older that plot details are much more apparently adult to me.

Nonetheless, I highly recommend “The Apartment’!  It is probably one of my favorite movies now!  Jack Lemmon is awesome (and young!) and Shirley MacLaine is incredibly believable (and beautiful).  She totally makes the movie.  Incredible.

I am really excited to discover more “classics” as I travel backwards through movie history.  Excellent movie.  No wonder it got the Oscar for Best Picture that year.

Billy Wilder directed the movie.  Here’s the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRta_ko0XGU

If you want to see the New York Times’ critic’s pick clip, it gives some of it away, but covers the whole movie and isn’t as cheezy as the old trailer!


Aug 09

Stuck in Customs

My friend Matt sent this blog along.  Sounds like the author’s got my dream life (for the most part)!  Read his “about” page to get more of an idea what the blog’s about.  Really cool photography though… HDR… something that I’ve wanted to play with for a while.



Aug 09

Out-of-focus Photography

I LOVE pictures that have shallow depth of field or are out of focus….  That is why I do not get rid of a lot of my “crappy” shots… after a while, when I look back, I sometimes find shots that are pretty cool after cropping or rotating to focus on something that I did not realize was the subject of the photo.  (That often times includes photos that are NOT out of focus, but still.)

Check out some of these… Not too bad.


Do you guys subscribe to that site?  I hope, if there’s only one photography site you check out regularly, that it’s this one.