Nov 10

Innovating to Fight Voting Fraud

With all the controversy over voting fraud, it’s great to see that people are consistently trying hard to come up with way to help voting systems become more reliable and trustworthy.  David Bismark gave great (short) talk about a new kind of ballot that seems very logical and useful.  You can walk away with a “receipt” that lets you verify your vote was counted.

Via TED.com


Jan 10

Can Wozniak Make a Cup of Coffee?

I came across a short clip of Steve Wozniak at Fast Company talking about how intelligent computers are getting and how much they can teach and influence from an early age these days.  But there are still strides to take in getting computers to fully interact with and understand humans and the aspects of our environment and lives that are interpreted through sensory perception and experience in life.

This clip is nothing mind-blowing and doesn’t talk about anything specific.  It just reflects on where the internet and computers have brought us and poses the question of how long will it be before computers can really interact with humans and fully understand its surroundings.