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EntertainXYZ Web Site Design

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Project Summary

EntertainXYZ is an award-winning on-air branding agency providing innovative solutions for the film and television industry. Known only to a niche community in the local industry, EntertainXYZ is seeking a redefined online presence and identity – to promote the company’s unique approach and vision to a global audience. Additionally, EntertainXYZ would like to promote additional capabilities including print and interactive identity campaigns. The exisiting web site is a brochure site with outdated content and client list. Immediate goals include advancing marketing and promotion of the company via the site at Promax, the industry’s major showcase tradeshow. In addition, a significant goal is to recreate the site so it is scalable and easy to update. Long-term, the EntertainXYZ site will be a tool and a resource for clients and company – with the eventual build out of a client communication area and a corporate Intranet.

Target Audience

EntertainXYZ’s target audience includes creative, studio and financial executives. These individuals are looking at the web site in order to decide who will provide the most innovative and unique solutions for their branding efforts. These individuals may have already heard of EntertainXYZ, and are looking for additional information and company background for amplification and verification. Experience, industry connections, and quality of product are important factors in the decision-making process.

EntertainXYZ’s typical web site visitor is a VP of Marketing for a high-profile television studio. He is considered ‘old school’ and has been in the industry for over 20 years, starting from initial television production and set design. He has an interest in technology, but rarely uses his computer for anything but email, calendar and contact information.  He is on a shared studio T-1 network connection, and when online uses the Netscape 4.0 browser – the one that came with the computer and has not been updated. He is rarely online, and usually only when directed to the web. He looks at competitive studio advertising, marketing and promotional efforts, and when away from work never goes online.


  1. Dynamic, experienced, contemporary, exciting, fun, communicative
  2. Elegant, semi-corporate, high production value, high visibility
  3. Use current EntertainXYZ marketing & branding efforts in a new and different way
  4. Information should have a fresh and conversational tone
  5. Easy to navigate and find information

Communication Strategy

The web site redesign will provide direct communication methods including film and television show profiles, featured articles, and company information. In the first phase of development, the site will be mostly a brochure-type site with limited interactivity and database origination. In the next phase of development, a password protected client area will be added for current projects and communication, as well as an internal company Intranet which will be used to facilitate internal communication and company news.

Competitive Positioning

EntertainXYZ has many competitors in the development community, mostly smaller shops with many partners who say they ‘do it all.’ Highlighting the quality of production & development projects, the high-level project and client list, and overall attention to detail and breakthrough branding and positioning efforts will separate EntertainXYZ from its competition. Attention to overall marketing strategy will also help to differentiate the web site in the industry eye.

Single-Minded Message

innovative communication

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