Celebrity Gossip

This is comprised of they typical chronicling of celebrity tidbits, usually accompanied by photos and attitude.  However, hopefully there will be a bit more of a niche focus, with some unique interactive/community features.

Celebrity Hot Spots: The Seen

Celebrities make appearances all over the globe, whether for the premiere of a project they’ve worked on, to promote someone else’s work, because they get a paycheck, because they are on vacation, or because they’re living their lives.  Sometimes they welcome their “fans” more eagerly then others.  But no matter what, their fans want to know where they’ve been and where they are.  Spotting a celebrity must mean where they are is the “it” place, right?

There are opportunities for establishments and other locales to raise awareness of their own popularity.  Associating yourself with celebrities gives instant credibility and exposure.  Fans love to know where their favorite celebrities have been seen.  To sit where they sat and enjoy a moment from the perspective a celebrity has enjoyed.  Eat the food they’ve had and breathe the same air.

Wouldn’t it be nice to tour where the stars have been?  Wouldn’t it be great to know they walked where you are walking right now?  Or maybe a block away?  You don’t want to walk by their favorite hangout!

Celebrity Influence: Their Fashion

Celebrity “fashion” is observed on the runway, at premieres, or when paparazzi catch celebs in daily life.  Some celebrities are always “on”, and others know how to let their hair down.  Whatever their approach to life, it plays out in pictures.

Celebrities, whatever their influences, set fashion trends long before they are adopted by the mainstream as the “hot” item of the week/season.  Tracking down what might be the next big thing can be fun and turn into a hobby of sorts.  Particularly when you aim to infuse your fashion sense with new ideas.

However, those rags you catch a glimpse of in photos of celebs pumping gas could break the bank.  If you have the eye to spot what they’re wearing.  Or “who” they’re wearing.

For the truly fashion sensible, the name is not of utmost importance.  It’s the look.  The feel.  The style  you want to absorb and make your own.  You know you know fashion.  You know you know what you like and don’t like.  You just know what works.  So you find that style that fits your wallet.  And you look gooooood.

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