Boiling Down Example Fashion Observations


  • Sighting – where the clothing or trend was spotted
    • Sources – magazine, celebrity, shop/store, on the street, etc….
  • Photo (gallery) – of individual celebrity sighting with fashion that should be noted
  • Opinion – indicate like/dislike of style/color/execution
  • Relate
    • Similarity –  to style spotted before
      • Variation – Indicate if this version of style is better or worse
    • Would work on me – style that fits your taste/personality/body style
    • Recommended fit – maybe recommend the type of person it would work on
  • Follow – keep tabs on specific fashion you are interested in
    • celebrities – watch celebs that usually have styles you like
    • items – watch accessories and other clothing items you like (e.g. purses, scarves, shoes)
    • styles – watch for patterns, colors, textures, materials, etc….
    • other?
  • Trends
    • Influential celebs – those that have great style
    • Out there celebs – those that have horrible style or stand out for whatever reason
    • Emerging items/styles – things that seem to be more apparent than others
    • Form – items are becoming popular (accessories) or whole outfits or color/style/materials, etc

Fashion Sources


Cited Sources

I don’t LOVE that website… the celeb portion where it shows what celebs wear “on the street” is just pictures with the celeb name underneath, but nothing about the clothes they are wearing.  they have ton of fashion info, but I kind of like the idea of a mixture of celeb gossip and fashion…

Case Study: Example Fashion Spotting

love her shoes.  I generally love her style, so I always look at what she’s wearing.

I like her floral dress with the blazer. Also like the oversized gray scarf.

love the purse and shoes.  the red and white striped shirt is not my favorite I’ve seen, but this seems to be a new trend.  I also really like her necklace.  but I don’t love the skirt, mainly b/c it would look horrible on me…and I don’t really like it with that outfit.

  • Sighting: Kim Kardashian (celebrity)
  • Photos: Kim by car
  • Opinion
    • “Love” purse
    • “Love” shoes
    • “Not Favorite (version?)” red and white striped shirt
    • “Really like” necklace
    • “Don’t love” skirt
      • Related
        • “wouldn’t look good on me” (body style/taste?)
        • “don’t really like” with the outfit
  • Trend
    • “Seems to be new trend” red and white striped shirt,,20358521,00.html#20766704

love the dress and belt.  hate her. lol

  • Sighting: Tori Spelling (celebrity)
  • Photo: Tori with husband outside restaurant
  • Opinion
    • “Love” dress
    • “Love” belt
    • Related
      • “Hate” celebrity,,20159269,00.html#20756605

love this lace dress with the long necklaces

  • Sighting: Kelly Ripa (celebrity)
  • Photo: On sidewalk
  • Opinion
    • “Love” combo?
      • “Love” lace dress
      • “Love” long necklaces
  • Cited info
    • Season: “spring-ready”
    • Designer: Stella McCartney,,20359160,00.html

this dress is awesome…love the color, love the texture, love the belt with it.

  • Sighting: Fergie (celebrity)
  • Photo: Fergie on cover of Elle (May 2010)
  • Opinion
    • “Awesome” combo?
      • “Awesome” dress
        • Related
          • “Love” color
          • “Love” texture
      • “Love” belt,,20159269,00.html#20766421

I like this tank and it’s from a brand I can semi-afford and there is a Madewell store in Tyson’s mall.  they also sell on shop bop so I’m going to go and see if they are selling it… and I found it!!! and it’s not sold out!

and while I was looking on shopbop, I found this tank that I like…floral print which is a big trend.

  • Sighting: (shopping)
  • Photo: [model]
  • Opinion
    • “Like” tank
    • “Like” floral print (trend)
  • Trend
    • “floral print… is a big trend”

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