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So Jealy

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Madewell Tank

Mere notes trend… floral print

and while I was looking on shopbop, I found this tank that I like…floral print which is a big trend.

Like tank Like floral print

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Rachel Bilson

Mere found the designer… Madewell found… in stock! price… semi-affordable

I like this tank and it’s from a brand I can semi-afford and there is a Madewell store in Tyson’s mall. they also sell on shop bop so I’m going to go and see if they are selling it… and I found it!!! and it’s not sold out! …[Not buying online]…want to try it on first…it has potential to look horrible on me! So I may go the mall this weekend and see it in person. BUT if it wasn’t in a store nearby I probably would have bought it b/c they have free shipping 🙂

Like tank

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this dress is awesome…love the color, love the texture, love the belt with it.

Awesome dress + belt Love color Love texture


Kelly Ripa

Mere found the designer… Stella McCartney

love this lace dress with the long necklaces

Love lace dress + long necklaces Love belt


Tori Spelling

Mere hates… her

love the dress and belt. hate her. lol

Love dress Love belt


Kim Kardashian

Mere thinks… not my style/taste notes trend… red and white striped shirt

love the purse and shoes. the red and white striped shirt is not my favorite I’ve seen, but this seems to be a new trend. I also really like her necklace. but I don’t love the skirt, mainly b/c it would look horrible on me…and I don’t really like it with that outfit.

Love purse Love shoes Not favorite striped shirt Really like necklace Don’t love skirt


Lauren Conrad

I like her floral dress with the blazer. Also like the oversized gray scarf.

Like floral dress + blazer Like oversized scarf


Rachel Bilson

Mere is following… her style

Love her shoes. I generally love her style, so I always look at what she’s wearing.

Love shoes