Exploring Fashion – Interview with Meredith



  • obsessed with patio for spring – crate barrel, cb2
  • clothes – gap, banana, j crew, anthropology, nordstroms, shop bop (free shipping, for returns too) (designer stuff)
  • doesn’t usually buy anything online if there is a store locally unless free shipping


  • watches what celebs wear – cant afford – see what trends are – tend to look at what they wear
  • more than watching runway shows to figure what the trends are
  • if she sees something how they put stuff together, she’ll get an idea of what she’d like –


  • people.com
  • perezhilton.com
  • ohnotheydidnt.com – has pics from premiers and events
  • eonline.com – has fashion police
  • paparazzi pictures


  • looks at who celebs are with
  • but mainly looks at how they put stuff together
  • hasn’t found website just mainly focuses on what celebs are wearing – and identifying who made their stuff
  • magazines point out designers, but not every day stuff

sometimes can figure out what they’re wearing based on what others have asked on other sites in pictures – they give links to the product and “cheaper versions” of them

people.com style section goes into what they wear

finds high-end stores to compare products to celeb pics – finds “same family” – only happens when someone specifically asks about an item

ohnotheydidnt.com lets you upload whatever you want – lots of other people posting stuff – doesn’t care about a lot of stuff – but if they put pics where they describe who it is and where and who with

perez has a specific voice – and annoying when he gets stuck on specific things

voice -prefers humor – originally liked him because he wasn’t scared to say anything – he got too big so he has favorites about who he likes or doesn’t and is repetitive about people – but likes making fun of situations

comments – sees to see if others had the same opinion – likes to see if people are being snarky – doesn’t participate because of “time”

fashion – tries to find it online and if she can afford it – sometimes just searches to see who has it, or may have an idea of what designer – may focus on “type” or “style” as alternatives to the actual item – similar items

doesn’t usually get the things that celebs wear.

small version of fashion/styles on people.com – mere wants on every single person what they’re wearing, but people doesn’t do it for everything –

way to look up who has worn similar patterns or similar/same outfits

mere wants to approach it – not having to dig really hard to find the fashion of celebs and shop

maybe spends an hour per day.

“floral top” trend – seen in celeb pics and fashion magus

find one that fits well (body shape) – try on in store, see if it matches what you have in your wardrobe

might see something online this week, but may take a month or two to find what you want or what WORKS for you

takes mainstream amaerica to fall in line with fashion trends – people and stores take a while to fall in line – high end fashion stores will have it, but takes a while to trickle down

usually can tell about a year or less before that everyone is going to be wearing something

last year could tell a certain type of shoe would be popular this summer – now its trickled down and its everywhere – you can find some last year, but they may be extreme compared to current trends – may be cause she lives in DC

keeps mental list of items she wants – hard to find when she sees she likes and wants it, but after waiting a long time it finally becomes available

“im in the market for X”

initial draw to a site is what they are posting – attitude might be funny/interesting/shocking initially but over time it gets annoying (perez)

photo tagging – put cursor over bracelet or dress – people.com does that – but not as good as it could be – when you put your cursor on picture it fades out photo so words pop out – doesn’t like interface that much in general

doesn’t care about “beauty tips” –

at awards shows they talk about beauty and tips for hair style or something – doesn’t experiment with her own hair

people.com – looks at news stories and style watch and star tracks (every day life) –

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