Food Exploration

Overview (Notes)


My idea for originally came from a little habit i developed eating out with Kendra all the time.  She’s a big foodie and i’ve become one too, so I started ordering specific dishes if they were on the menu.  If tomato soup, rice pudding, bread pudding, mulligatawny soup, or hot chocolate were on the menu, i’d order it.  It became sort of a game, to see if any of those were on the menu.  The idea is to be in search of the “best” of those.

But i started losing track of all the places i had it and who truly had the best.  I wanted to keep track of those dishes, where i had them, and use sentiment (or similar) words to describe the dishes: “too bland”, “really chunky”, “has cinnamon”, “awesome flavor”… whatever.

Eventually i could rank them if i wanted, and basically keep track of where the best ones were.  If the site became community based, i could see where other people had tomato soup and go and try it and compare notes.

The idea was less “obsessively documenting every dish” and more of “keeping track of my favorites”.  Eventually, I was thinking it would expand into recipe stuff, where people could post their “recreations” of favorite dishes…. or you could find your favorite dishes (tomato soup) that someone had somewhere else with weird ingredients (like cinnamon or something).

This was going to be a project to develop my ratings platform i’ve been researching for a while.  It would provide customized rating systems that integrate into your site and posts and then your posts would aggregate back to the ratings site….  I’d also want to create an “open standard” for rating systems, since i haven’t found any…. Because the 5 star system is boring!

Similar Sites – my buddy from WDW knows the developer through a friend.  They got too (not sure if its up yet).  They want to develop it into a platform. – forget who created it, someone related to the tech industry elite. – another one i recently came across.

I thought i had more, but not sure where they’re at.


The purpose is to keep track of your favorite dishes and how you felt about them.  You can rate and rank them for each place, and you can compare your experiences with those of others in the online community to discover great restaurants to try your favorite dishes at.

The culinary-oriented fans of food can experiment with recreating dishes and discuss the traditional or unique ingredients and rate how the affect the dish.


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