Interview Notes – Martin 4/18/2010

Martin “event”
– time, people, place
– something particular is supposed to happen
– supposed to have have a music experience, political decision is supposed to be made
– poeple stage an event for a reason
– purpose

may have used the term “event” when he did church work
– they were special, extraordinary
– take advantage of somethign happening or someone in town
– something extraordinary about it

in his mind
– not a regular everyday/week thing
– a more outstanding thing

around louisville
– “special event” signs so you can’t park

often gets invited to
– webinars
– conferences – Rangefinder has WPPI in Vegas
– Smart Marriages – big event every year – people/topics/speakers/interesting stuff
– Dr. Chuck Missler has events

On websites
– church he went to tonight has a page for events on site, regluar meetings
– was just looking for their regular meeting

spark interest
– if its somethign in louisville or within 100 miles, might say “well gee, maybe i could go to one of these”
– Dr. Missler has a meeting in Nashville
– last year went to an event because of a certain speaker
– went with Wilson, turned out he was interested in the same things
– knew Wilson liked the speaker Mike Bickle, thought “maybe wilson would be interested to go”

– may have called Wilson on phone, or waited till he saw him

– try to remember the month
– something might trigger memory, he then will look up details
– will look at things that are free more often
– if something costs $, then he’d make sure he can go and gets reservations in advance
– things to do come up in louisville because there is a lot to do

– yes, frustrating not recalling
– Chuck Missler in Nashville – would like to go, but not terribly high priority – waiting to see if something else comes up with higher priority
– hoping to discuss calendar things with mom to see what’s coming up
– may go ahead and go to Chuck Missler if things seem to still be open – “if it works out, then i’ll go… if not, then ok”

stuff to do examples
– Pepi and Monika are coming through on their way to CA – “when they come to visit, it would be nice to visit mammoth cave” – be a good host and doing something i want to do anyways
– probably known about Mammoth cave since he was a kid – found out more about state of KY when they moved there – reminded him of it
– gets mailing from AARP – special events and festivals
– AAA sends out newsletter about events
– Newspaper has stuff

feature indication
– calendar with a lightbulb – maybe with “remind me” caption
– “string tied around your finger” – “that’s a reminder” – hasn’t seen that phrase used for years

other ideas
– reminders of stuff – “these are the things you were interested in coming up in the month of may”

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