Interview Notes – Rebekka 4/16/2010

Recent things you did?

Went to a restaurant for a friend’s birthday

  • Organizing
    • Rebekka had sent birthday girl a text
    • Birthday girl responded that she was in town and organizing
    • Told Bekka place and time
    • Bekka doesn’t know how much of a “heads up” others got
  • Participants
    • 7 people showed up
    • 1 person said “maybe” – didn’t show, was not close to birthday girl
    • Rebekka knew all but 1 person
    • Some were local
    • Some came to town with birthday girl

Concert at arena with 6 bands – $10

  • Organizing
    • Found out from Facebook invite – sent by church person
  • Participants
    • Bekka went with a friend
    • Couldn’t find other friends at event
    • Bekka was there for the music – got together with other attendees afterwards
    • 1 person that did not attend event met up with group after

Friend’s BBQ – visiting family was leaving town

  • Organizing
    • Friend putting on BBQ told Bekka about it in-person
    • Was in the works – got maybe 2 days notice
    • People found out word-of-mouth
  • Participants
    • About 20 – family and friends

Typical activities/events


  • Food
  • movie
  • concert
  • some other local event

Getting things rolling

  • Bekka initiates conversation early in week – via text message
  • Generally contacts everyone in 1 or 2 typical friend groups
  • If found something online or other publication
    • Share anything found via text message to friend(s)
    • Does NOT use email with friends – have offline relationships
    • Maybe contact over Facebook

Things she’ll note that she might want to check out

  • People tell her about:
    • Restaurants
    • Cave
    • Abe Lincoln’s home

Pain points

  • Might express interest in something that comes up
    • “hey, we should do that…!”
    • doesn’t happen “often enough”
  • Hard when bored and can’t recall previous ideas
  • Notices a general pattern of not recalling good things to do

Ways of remembering things

  • Just try to remember interesting things that came up previously
  • Create text message “draft” with info – if asked by friend to remind them of something
  • Create reminders in phone calendar – for concerts

Motivation to participate

  • Will go along with friends to get out and/or catch up
  • If not interested in the event, might still go if:
    • just want to get out of the house
    • don’t want to feel left out
    • depending on who is in the group

Deterrents from participating

  • Spontaneity among friends is hard
    • concerts don’t work spontaneously – cost, unexpected, don’t know band, working, etc
    • more likely to grab food spontaneously
  • Won’t go to concerts – if too expensive or no one will go
    • Doesn’t go alone



  • text message instead of email
  • phone not synchronized with computer
  • no contacts maintained on computer

Who do you invite?

  • Goes after friends she talks to at least 1 time per month
    • in phone
    • might post on Facebook (hasn’t happened)
      • Would probably be a status message post

Finding things to do

  • Search Google

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