Competition SWOT – Notes for 4/16/2010 Meeting

Search term: “getting started with social media” (did not reveal much competition)

Search term: “learn social media” (revealed the following)

Learn Social Media

– high production quality videos
– use “sneak peek” on homepage to draw people in
– 12-18 items per month posted (video, document templates, case studies, white papers)
– over 100 videos already up
– $25/month, $49/quarter, $149/year
– testimonials with graphs
– email newsletter
– upcoming topics listed
– “live” curriculum

– no community
– limited user interaction (none from what i see as a non-member)
– limited product information
– doesn’t seem to provide concrete guidance with recommended tools
– no community input on topics?

– provide more tools for interaction as a community member
– provide concrete strategies and tools (be opinionated)
– allow community input to dictate direction, level of detail, topics, etc

– volume of existing content
– quality of video content

Supreme Social Media

– extensive self-guided study modules
– online and print versions of products
– provide “traditional” media: CD, book
– Training in-person or webinars, many “previous” webinars
– podcasts
– Affiliate program with 50% commission
– 5 women, girl power!
– focused products/tools
– formal style may appeal to older generations
– blog content back to October 2009
– got air time on PBS

– products focus specifically on: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SEO
– Webinars listed that are not yet available
– Individual webinar product pages are verbose and spammy (but this may be customary for older generations, what they buy into, e.g.
– Looks like they use animoto for video clips
– verbose
– girl power, but no real personality
– skills training based on specific tools

– can cut through the verbose details and get to the point
– clear, non-confusing products and descriptions
– create duality between skills and tools, providing strategy/fundamental concepts as well as tools to implement
– create community tools?

– manpower
– blog content

Market Motive

– self-guided courses
– online audio (maybe video) tutorials (this may be “paid” content that shouldn’t be accessible )
– 8 categories of content in video, audio, writing
– blog, large staff, many existing articles

– time-consuming?
– overwhelming?
– not give-me-what-i-need style dissemination of content and ideas

– create straight-to-the-point content that tells customers what to do (actionable)
– guide more specifically along our style of doing things and how to implement immediately
– provide tools to plan strategy?

– manpower
– blog content
– lots of audio/video
– in-depth expertise
– established?


Search term: social media small business training

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