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FBAPI.js: Facebook JavaScript SDK Simplified

I’ve been working on Rembly using several javascript libraries: Spine.js, Mustache.js, ICanHaz.js, and Facebook’s JavaScript SDK. These have made application development easier, but not always easy enough! I wrote previously about my enhancements to ICanHaz.js for loading Mustache templates. This time around, I wanted to use Facebook’s JavaScript SDK with less “overhead” and a simplified API.

I created FBAPI.js to handle the setup requirements that Facebook’s SDK requires, such as adding a “root” tag to the page before loading the SDK. Now FBAPI.js takes care of all the SDK requirements and lets you use the Graph API without worrying about the overhead. FBAPI.js adds helper methods for event binding and retrieving user data.  However, the best part of FBAPI.js is that you don’t have to wait for the page or javascript dependencies to be loaded before you can start using it! All methods use promises and callbacks. This lets you run your scripts in any order you want!

Check out the Github repository and let me know what you think!

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