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Superhuman Abilities

The Ability to Fly

I came across this article that catalogs 9 extraordinary human abilities.  I, like probably many people, feel like I can relate to some of the abilities to a degree, but don’t think I have nearly the capabilities described.

Based on the foods they describe as affecting the “supertasters”, those are some that stand out for me.  The description of “synesthesia” also rings true when they talk about “special-sequence synesthesia… where dates have a precise location in space”.  I visualize dates and places and things in something like a 3D space.  Sometimes like plotting on a graph, where my perspective viewing the graph is anchored at one spot and I can view up and down an axis.  Sometimes it’s less exact and more of a feeling about where things are… reference points.  I don’t know if that’s what they describe or not.

I wonder how often people realize they have capabilities that the majority of the people around them don’t have.  To me, miscommunication or frustration when people don’t “get it” seems to be an indicator that you might have better capabilities than others in certain areas.  But on the other hand, maybe it’s just bad communication skills!

I’d like to meet more people with some of these fascinating abilities!

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Ron Mueck: Hyperrealistic Sculptures

Giant Boy by Ron Mueck

Came across Ron Mueck and his sculptures through a little random artist community I fell into and get mailings from once in a while.  Ron’s sculptures have been around for quite a while, and I would LOVE to check out one of his exhibits sometime.  The sculptures look amazingly realistic.  Like human figures, either gigantically large or smaller than normal.  It looks like a spectacle and hard to believe your eyes.  Just searching for images of his sculptures will give you a good idea of what his creations consist of.  Can’t get enough of it!

Entertainment Multimedia

Introducing Panamera to the Porsche Family

Porsche Panamera

I love sports cars.  I love film making.  What’s better than a little bit of both mixed together?!

Porsche has put together a really cool looking commercial to introduce the new Panamera sports car to the family.  They call it “the first true sports car for four”.  My buddy SPR sent me to an article about the behind-the-scenes of making the commercial.   They had 50 generations of Porsches, helicopters, high speed racing through the desert, and a bunch more adrenaline and eye candy.

Now that the commercial has been made, Porsche has put together a website to promote the “family” and its new member, the Panamera.  They included TV spot (that may be a little different from the behind-the-scenes article), as well as a Porsche documentary from IFC with Jerry Seinfeld.  Yes, Seinfeld.


Support Team Conan!

Conan O’Brien, left, and Jay Leno on the set of The Tonight Show when Mr. Leno was the host.

There’s been a little “drama” surrounding NBC’s decision to shuffle around their late-night programming.  Apparently they want Conan O’Brien to move to 12:05 AM with “The Tonight Show”, in order to move Jay Leno back to the 11:35 PM time slot.  It’s unsure what the motivation behind NBC’s changes is, but many fans are up in arms!

Entertainment Photography

Rock Concert Photography Tips!

Here is an article my sister should definitely read!  While I’m into photography, so is she, and she has a tendency to get to meet bands.  Don’t forget to take photos!

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Lemonade Movie, Art & Copy

I saw Art & Copy the other week and it was great!  Very inspiring and insightful into advertising and business….  I HIGHLY recommend it.

Another movie coming out is about how professionals that lost their jobs started doing what they really wanted to do.  They are from all facets of life.  They are still working on the film, but sent a rough cut to Sundance before the deadline.  Sign up on their site to keep getting updates, and also check out their Posterous blog to see clips and stuff….


Blog: (the blog password is “makinglemonade”)


Monk and Parenting

My dad watches the TV show Monk.  Or at least he used to.  Apparently the 8th and final season is about to start.  This guy from Wired was able to glean several parallels between Monk’s character and important principles in parenting.  I’m not a parent yet, but would like to believe that I will know how to respond to different situations when the time comes.

Read Everything I Know About Parenting I Learned from Adrian Monk