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Tired of not knowing where a short URL will take you?

Twitter and the rest of the Internet use short URLs all the time, but you never know where they will lead. We decided the world could use yet another short URL service! But this one hints at where the link will send you: Facebook. could mean a lot of things to many people, but to us it guarantees it’s a FaceBook Link.

What does offer that’s useful?

Sure, Facebook just launched  But don’t be confused.  Here’s what you can do that Facebook won’t let you:

  • Claim the vanity URL for your profile you always wanted
  • Create short URLs to any Facebook link you want
  • Traffic statistics for your profile and all other links
  • short URLs guaranteed to go to Facebook
  • It’s FREE!

Facebook is one of the most popular websites in the world. And some people like to know how popular their profile page is too!  Since you can’t track traffic statistics to your own profile page easily, can help you do that.

With, you can create a short URL to any Facebook page you want to link to. only allows links to valid Facebook domain names.  At the moment, it is limited to and  The beauty of it is that any time you see an link, you know it will take you to Facebook.  You also know that you can check out the traffic statistics for that link any time you want.

Coming soon…

  • Account management
  • Public API
  • Widgets and plugins

Let us know what you think ([email protected]).  Enjoy!

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