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Superhuman Abilities

The Ability to Fly

I came across this article that catalogs 9 extraordinary human abilities.  I, like probably many people, feel like I can relate to some of the abilities to a degree, but don’t think I have nearly the capabilities described.

Based on the foods they describe as affecting the “supertasters”, those are some that stand out for me.  The description of “synesthesia” also rings true when they talk about “special-sequence synesthesia… where dates have a precise location in space”.  I visualize dates and places and things in something like a 3D space.  Sometimes like plotting on a graph, where my perspective viewing the graph is anchored at one spot and I can view up and down an axis.  Sometimes it’s less exact and more of a feeling about where things are… reference points.  I don’t know if that’s what they describe or not.

I wonder how often people realize they have capabilities that the majority of the people around them don’t have.  To me, miscommunication or frustration when people don’t “get it” seems to be an indicator that you might have better capabilities than others in certain areas.  But on the other hand, maybe it’s just bad communication skills!

I’d like to meet more people with some of these fascinating abilities!

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