Hope For Our Future

I oftentimes become disillusioned at the way people are around me.  People seem to lose hope and motivation too easily.  They seem to be blind to the opportunities they have to be free and live fulfilled lives.  They seem to settle on all being lost.  Become complacent.

It doesn’t take much to do the things you used to aspire to. It’s all about renewing your perspective. We would like to guide those people. We would like to give you the tools to build a renewed foundation of hope and inspiration.

In my cynicism i saw truth in how this video began. However, the revelation at the pivotal point of its message has inspired me yet again that things can change. We want people to realize that change in their lives is possible. Please enjoy this wonderfully creative and simple message.


TED Talk: Internet One Big Random Act of Kindness

This is a neat clip from TED… guy from Harvard talks about how there are a lot of aspects regarding the internet that cause people to do things that do not reward them, but they do it for the better good.


$150 Photos from Space… with Your Camera!

MIT students spent less than $150 to send a camera to space and had it take pictures every 5 seconds the entire trip up!  You can read about it more, and also look at the links on this page to see their project website:

Multimedia Photography

Stuck in Customs

My friend Matt sent this blog along.  Sounds like the author’s got my dream life (for the most part)!  Read his “about” page to get more of an idea what the blog’s about.  Really cool photography though… HDR… something that I’ve wanted to play with for a while.


Artistic Lens Flare in Photos

I like lens flare.  It is one of the many types of “distraction” you can add to a photo.  Shooting a subject through obstructions is a great way of making the photo more interesting, “layering” the elements between your lens and the subject.

While allowing these interferences to be captured in photos, typically to also help frame the photo, lens flare can add a layer of mystery or dreaminess.  It’s very cool for portraits that seem “summery” or warm or playful.  Also can leave part of the scene up to the imagination.

Whatever the case, flare and excessive light are something to play with when possible!  Check out some tips here.