Support Team Conan!

Conan O’Brien, left, and Jay Leno on the set of The Tonight Show when Mr. Leno was the host.

There’s been a little “drama” surrounding NBC’s decision to shuffle around their late-night programming.  Apparently they want Conan O’Brien to move to 12:05 AM with “The Tonight Show”, in order to move Jay Leno back to the 11:35 PM time slot.  It’s unsure what the motivation behind NBC’s changes is, but many fans are up in arms!

I used to watch Conan on a regular basis and enjoy him and Letterman a lot.  However, Jay Leno has always seemed like a kiss-ass to me.  He’d poke fun at celebrities, but often times subtly apologize for his statements.  That’s one of the main things that bugged me when comparing him to Letterman.

Whatever the case, if you want to show your support for Conan O’Brien, you can show your support wearing t-shirts or huddle up with Team Conan on Facebook.  Let’s hope that Conan doesn’t get screwed over…. 🙂

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