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Introducing Panamera to the Porsche Family

Porsche Panamera

I love sports cars.  I love film making.  What’s better than a little bit of both mixed together?!

Porsche has put together a really cool looking commercial to introduce the new Panamera sports car to the family.  They call it “the first true sports car for four”.  My buddy SPR sent me to an article about the behind-the-scenes of making the commercial.   They had 50 generations of Porsches, helicopters, high speed racing through the desert, and a bunch more adrenaline and eye candy.

Now that the commercial has been made, Porsche has put together a website to promote the “family” and its new member, the Panamera.  They included TV spot (that may be a little different from the behind-the-scenes article), as well as a Porsche documentary from IFC with Jerry Seinfeld.  Yes, Seinfeld.


Support Team Conan!

Conan O’Brien, left, and Jay Leno on the set of The Tonight Show when Mr. Leno was the host.

There’s been a little “drama” surrounding NBC’s decision to shuffle around their late-night programming.  Apparently they want Conan O’Brien to move to 12:05 AM with “The Tonight Show”, in order to move Jay Leno back to the 11:35 PM time slot.  It’s unsure what the motivation behind NBC’s changes is, but many fans are up in arms!