Originality is not as simple as it sounds.  The idea of creating something that has never been created before is easier said than done.  We are all influenced by so many things in our lives, that whether we know it or not, those things we’ve observed and picked up along the way go into our projects and creations.  Some people may look at it and see the most spectacular thing they’ve ever seen and be blown away, while others will see similarities with what they’ve encountered in the past.

I wrote about Austin Kleon’s “How to Steal Like an Artist,” which talks about how artists are influenced by their observations throughout their lives.  Another recent post by Seth Godin talks about “Originality,” and how some of his readers call him a “hack” because nothing he says is original, while others praise him for his originality.

It’s a funny thing about originality.  As much as many of us want to achieve something that has never been done before, someone may see it as a reincarnation of something they’ve already seen.  So don’t worry about what people say.  Create and push forward with your own original ideas.  Be inspired and create.  They are original to you and express who you are!

P.S.  The titles of my posts about Austin Kleon and Seth Godin (this post) have both lacked originality, but why come up with our own when the originals are perfectly fitting.

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