Your Own Scale for Measuring Success

I’ve read Seth Godin’s books over the past couple of years, and he consistently has great insights into marketing and human behavior.  His post about “Originality” was very timely, coinciding with Austin Kleon’s post on the same subject.  His way of thinking is a parallel to what I aim to apply to my own life, and the perspective I want to share with others.

People have different motivations to achieve success and how they measure their achievements.  Our society puts a lot of value on becoming famous and achieving recognition by the main stream media.  It’s sometimes dumbfounding to observers when someone with exceptional talent and influence does not follow the “trendy” routes their peers may follow to become recognized.  Seth Godin talks about chef Charlie Trotter, whom he calls “a pioneer in modern cooking”.  Someone who is achieving greatness and measuring success in his own way.

Fame and fortune are not what motivate all of us.  Seeing how you affect the people around you can be gratifying enough.  “Dancing faster than ever, but why?” highlights Charlie Trotter as one of these people, and it’s refreshing to have an influencer such as Seth Godin reminding us that we don’t have to measure success the way others may want us to.

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