Projects Has Launched!

Tired of not knowing where a short URL will take you?

Twitter and the rest of the Internet use short URLs all the time, but you never know where they will lead. We decided the world could use yet another short URL service! But this one hints at where the link will send you: Facebook. could mean a lot of things to many people, but to us it guarantees it’s a FaceBook Link.

What does offer that’s useful?

Sure, Facebook just launched  But don’t be confused.  Here’s what you can do that Facebook won’t let you:

  • Claim the vanity URL for your profile you always wanted
  • Create short URLs to any Facebook link you want
  • Traffic statistics for your profile and all other links
  • short URLs guaranteed to go to Facebook
  • It’s FREE!

Facebook is one of the most popular websites in the world. And some people like to know how popular their profile page is too!  Since you can’t track traffic statistics to your own profile page easily, can help you do that.

With, you can create a short URL to any Facebook page you want to link to. only allows links to valid Facebook domain names.  At the moment, it is limited to and  The beauty of it is that any time you see an link, you know it will take you to Facebook.  You also know that you can check out the traffic statistics for that link any time you want.

Coming soon…

  • Account management
  • Public API
  • Widgets and plugins

Let us know what you think ([email protected]).  Enjoy!


Where is the Education System Going….?

Some funny/odd answers to exam questions.


How IQ and Intelligence Differ

Interesting how a high IQ doesn’t mean you’re more intelligent.


Teach by Ensuring Mistakes

Here’s a good article about how mistakes help teach people to learn. I like to post articles that can help my sister teach! Wonder if she reads this?


11 Stupid Writing Mistakes

Having grown up speaking German and only learning to read and write in English in the 4th grade, grammar has become a pet peeve of mine, seeing how I struggled to get it right. My sister is an English teacher at a college in Louisville, KY…. This ought to interest her as well.

Business Photography

Price Your Photography Services

I’ve spent a long time… “refining” my photography skills and invested a lot into the hobby.  I only lack the discipline to share the products of my experiments and experience.  I hope to get better at that in the near future.

As I’d love to earn a living working on creative projects, such as photography, here’s a post to help you set your prices when doing freelance photography:


Rewards Don’t Pay Off

I am absolutely fascinated by human behavior and what makes us tick. Everyone is so different, yet there are aspects of us that can be very much the same. This is a great article about how rewards systems pretty much kill motivation…

If it gets long winded, skip to the last section after reading the beginning. Enjoy.

Business Marketing & Social Media Multimedia Studies

Tribes: Please watch

This is a great video about “tribes” and the different kinds. It is very insightful and inspiring. It also pointed out to me what I’m struggling with myself, and where I want to get to. Please watch this and give me your thoughts!

Multimedia Photography

You Can Take Photographs of Space!

You can take several exposures of pictures of space and combine them to see what is really out there!! This is amazing! Very technical, but amazing….

Business Marketing & Social Media Studies

How to Unlock a Community’s Insights

Here’s an article by Roland Legrand about unlocking a community’s insights using the Socratic method.  He explains why both too much and not enough control over a community can cause it to fall apart.  Thankfully he describes how to foster engagement in a community to encourage participation.